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社交媒体给社会带来了消极和积极的一面, 但当涉及到公司的品牌形象时, 它呈现出许多积极的特点, 尤其是从营销的角度来看. 但2022年是什么样子呢? The stats are in and we are ready to go through them with you to determine which platforms might be the best for you this year. 让我们去!

Facebook和TikTok等平台正呈指数级增长. 对Facebook有点惊讶? 我们不能撒谎说我们没有. 根据Hootsuite的说法,  Facebook has seen a consistent steady growth rate of monthly users actively using their platform. 这一趋势在过去三年中一直在持续.

但是,这和你的公司有什么关系呢? 很高兴你问了. Social media presents a unique opportunity to companies and businesses as a whole. 这些好处包括:

  • 增加交通
  • 增加潜在客户
  • 提高了销售
  • 直接接触目标受众
  • 实时消息传递能力

Using 社交媒体 gives your company a competitive advantage but only if used correctly. 最重要的是, 社交媒体 puts your business into a world w在这里 it is easily accessible to others. 把社交媒体看作是你业务的另一个面向市场的渠道, another entry point w在这里 someone can learn more about your company and the day-to-day activities that may be too specific for your website.

无论如何, let us get back to the topic at hand: The facts (and stats) that are leading the way for 社交媒体 in 2022. If you need more information about why you should use 社交媒体, check out our previous blog post 在这里.


The past two years have been very interesting as more and more people have found their way to some form of social platform. 随着疫情的蔓延, many lost their in-person interactions and were forced to find virtual ways to connect, 使社交媒体比以往任何时候都更加重要.

尽管也不是没有问题和丑闻, Facebook仍然是世界上最大的社交媒体平台. 用2.每月90亿用户, Facebook is indicated as the most important 社交媒体 市场营销 platform—we know, 疯狂的! The most interesting part of Facebook is the range of ages that it is able to reach. 

If your company caters to middle-aged and seniors (yes seniors are using Facebook), Facebook绝对是一条可行之路. However, it is important to note that the majority of people who use Facebook are 18-34. 

对营销人员, Meta, Facebook最新的企业标识, 已经成为一种安全的方式来宣传服务和产品. Since they own both Facebook and Instagram, t在这里 is the benefit of getting ads to run on both. 这也抓住了一个巨大的目标人群.

It is also important to note that Facebook is one of the most well-rounded 社交媒体 outlets, 允许用户在其他平台无法提供的级别上进行连接. 但这对其他社交媒体渠道意味着什么呢? Below we have segmented the other 社交媒体 networks into their own categories. These categories best describe their usage and how companies should categorize them in 2022.


TikTok和Instagram是网红营销的最大倡导者. 如果您不了解网红营销,请让我们帮助您了解!

An influencer is someone who has a large following of users that share common interests.

Most influencers are famous or have achieved some sort of fame/large following. Influencers help persuade people to think a certain way or even buy new products. From a 市场营销 standpoint, influencer 广告 can prove to be a very successful tool!

When searching for a target audience, influencer 市场营销 might make things simple for your company. 例如, 如果你的公司销售对象是18到34岁的女性, 迎合这些受众的Instagram网红是一种很好的营销方式. Or, if your product is created for teens/young adults then TikTok would prove extremely effective. 无论你选择在TikTok还是Instagram上进行营销, finding your target audience is important before paying an influencer to advertise your product!

TikTok is a fairly new platform at this point and took the world by storm in the middle of the pandemic. 作为一种简短形式, 视频平台, it, 就像Facebook已经拥有了不同年龄段的用户. T在这里 is content for everyone on this platform and we will definitely be watching to see how it continues to grow in the coming years.

招聘 & 专业市场营销


LinkedIn是排名第一的求职媒体平台. In fact, 64 percent of college seniors use LinkedIn (we guess they need jobs). Since the pandemic, mom-and-pop shops have gone out of business due to understaffing. LinkedIn has improved the chances of these small businesses keeping their doors open while keeping their staff quantity filled. 

49%的营销人员也在使用LinkedIn, with 54 percent of them planning to increase their 市场营销 over the next few years. This is due to the exponential growth spurt LinkedIn has seen over the past decade. 关于LinkedIn需要考虑的是软件的设计布局.

类似于Instagram, Facebook或Twitter, LinkedIn也有一个你可以发布内容的区域, interact with other business professionals and connect with other industry leaders. Whether you need to share official company messages or just connect with other people in the industry, LinkedIn仍然是这类内容最受欢迎的平台.


Lastly, what might be considered the most underrated 社交媒体 channel of all, we have Twitter. Twitter以其有机营销而闻名,82%的营销人员使用它. Organic 市场营销 is the process of generating traffic over a period of time. 是的, we know that the instant gratification of paid 市场营销 might seem more enticing, 但是相信我们,有机营销会带来更多的好处!

In 2022, t在这里 have been a noted 37 million daily users actively contributing to the platform as well as 6,每天000条推文. T在这里 is so much potential for companies that learn to properly utilize this platform. 一般来说, 推特非常擅长创造表情包, 什么是获得病毒式传播的第一步.

为了获得推特用户的关注, 你必须学会如何上菜(并接受), 同时也要保持一个专业的形象,使你的品牌有意义. Twitter用户在很多方面都是“无情的”. But that is also w在这里 you have the opportunity to be a business that has a “real” personality. Twitter is also the place w在这里 many find it easiest to connect with businesses.


So, 现在我们已经给了你一些亮点, 我们将把剩下的留给你自己去探索. Below are just a few (might be an exaggeration) facts that we have collected on some of the most popular 社交媒体 platforms in 2022. 单击每个图像展开它.

Should you have any questions or need any assistance building your 社交媒体 strategy, 不要犹豫,去找188体育投注网公司. 我们的专业团队将帮助您的企业取得成功! 联络我们[http://www.stimulusAdvertising.com/contact-us.html]以了解更多.

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